How to Composite and Blend Images in Photoshop with Lighting Effects, Masking, and Color

Photoshop Effects
LEARN TO COMPOSITE ANY PERSON IN PHOTOSHOP | Take a deep dive into dragging someone from one image into another in this tutorial | We will cover selection tools, correcting color, creating colorful effects, sharpening, lens flare, dodging and burning, and much more!

00:54 Getting started
03:38 Cleaning up the background
08:38 Cutting out the model
09:55 Working this selection using Select and Mask
12:45 Cleaning up the hair with the Brush tool
16:26 First round of color and tone work
17:58 Dodging and burning
20:43 Adding lights to the stadium
27:28 Another round of color and tone work
33:43 Digital re-lighting with Curves and Levels
34:56 Make the turf GREEN
37:28 Final colorizing and sharpening

Link to download flare brush pack:

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In this Photoshop tutorial, we’ll tackle the complete process of blending two images together in Photoshop to create a movie-style composite image and pull together the foreground and background to create a smooth colored composite image with depth and contrast. You’ll learn about cutting out an image and creating a mask in this tutorial as well as healing, working with Curves, Levels, Gradient Maps, Selective Color, and much, much more to create this entire effect.

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