Logo And Business Card Design | Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop Tutorial

Logo And Business Card Design | Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop Tutorial.

Today, I will walk you through a logo and a business card design project.
Because many of you asked me how I did my logo design presentation
in the last tutorial video, I decided to show it to you today.

In this Tutorial, I will start by showing you how I design three concepts of
my client logo, and then choose one logo design concept to go with.

Second, I will show how I used the logo to design a simple print ready Business card.

Finally, I will show you how to make a logo design presentation to showcase your work
to your client.

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Like I did in the last Tutorial, I am asking you to comment with the most
valuable thing that you find in this video, and I will mention
the best comments in the next Tutorial.

Thank You!!

Business Card Mockups (Affiliate link) : https://goo.gl/kUXMpU
Free Business Card Mockup: https://goo.gl/gys64b
Typography Tutorial: https://youtu.be/QrNi9FmdlxY

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Logo Design Love : http://amzn.to/2xniLXs
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Background birds sound:
Dawn Chorus By Sean.Townsend
From Freesound.org
licensed under CC BY 2.0

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