Realistic FURRY Text Effect in Photoshop – Fur Text Effect Photoshop Tutorial

In this video training tutorial, I will show you how to create a Fur Text Effect (or hair) using Photoshop. The whole project won’t take you more than 20 minutes to complete and it is a very useful technique that you can apply to many other projects.

You can use whatever image of a furry creature that you like to achieve this effect. I will use a picture of my cat

Ge The Tutorial Asset Files Here:

In This Tutorial You Will Learn How To:

02:20 — Add texture to a font.
04:45 — Use a brush to add more detail to text.
05:50 — Create a custom brush.
08:22 — Make a work path from a selection.
08:45 — Stroke a path using custom brush.
12:00 — Add layer styles to create depth.
13:50 — Add hi-lights and shadows to the text.




This Video:

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