33 Tips for Mastering Photoshop Layers (2019)

Tips and Advice
Let’s see how good you are at working efficiently in Photoshop and check how many of the following 33 techniques are you familiar with!

In this video, I will show you different techniques and tips about how to work with layers in Photoshop. I collected 33 tips for mastering Adobe Photoshop layers in 2019. Some of them you might already know but there is a wide range of techniques I will cover in this Photoshop tutorial I’m sure everyone can learn something new.

00:19 New Layer
00:34 Create Layer below current selection
00:48 Hide/Show Layer
01:21 Copy/Paste layers between documents
01:36 Thumbnail settings
02:12 Layer Panel options
02:58 Color labels
03:24 Filtering
04:30 Lock layer
05:00 Lock transparency
05:32 Layer Opacity
06:06 Fill opacity
06:34 Single Layer/All Layers toggle
06:54 Rename multiple layers
07:28 Merge All Layers to new layer
07:53 Move layer up/down in stacking order
08:35 Reordering layers
08:59 Select top/bottom layer
09:16 Select Layers shortcut
09:37 Select All Layers except locked
09:56 Auto-Select shortcuts
11:27 Selection from layer thumbnail
11:49 Layer from selection
12:33 Layer Groups
12:47 Hide/Show all Group contents
13:14 Layer Styles on Groups
13:47 Change Blend mode
14:58 Normal blending for Groups with Adjustment Layers
16:01 Fill layer with color
17:22 Load Files to Stack
18:16 Quick Export
19:08 Optimise Cache levels to usual amount of layers
19:56 Double+click on Text layer to select text







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