Photoshop Tutorial From Boring to Amazing in 10 Minutes!!

Get the Carroussel and Sunset here:

In, in this tutorial, I will show you one of my favorite photo from Paris. First the different composition and why I choose that one. we are going to retouch it in Lightroom very briefly and take it into Photoshop CC 2019.

We are then going to use the crop tool and the new content aware tool to extend our sky. Then I will use the Color Range Select to select the sky and make a mask to change it with a more dramatic blue hour.

Then we use the curve tool to make a match in terms of Exposure and to add some warmth.

Playing with opacity and the mask to make it blend well. last but not least We are going to redevelop the photo Camera Raw to guide the eye even better where to look. Use the brushes and the gradient filter.

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