Photoshop Curves – 3 Powerful Tips For Editing Your Photos

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Here are 3 ways you’re probably not using the Photoshop Curves adjustment layer, but should! (Number 3 is NEXT LEVEL).

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An Introduction to Luminosity Masking:

Quite often we all get so used to the way we do things in Photoshop, we look past (or don’t even see) things that are right under our noses.

The three tips I’m sharing with you in this video are three of those exact kind of things… Stuff that’s been staring you in the face all along, but you may have either forgotten about it or never even tried clicking to see what it does!

This includes a hidden menu in the Auto curves adjustment options…

A funky way to “draw” your curve…

And something that’s kinda on a similar level to Luminosity Masking in terms of how it can create some powerful adjustments to your images.

Let me know in the comments if you’ll be using any of these tips on your own images!

Also, check out this other Curves video where I share some further tips on how to get the best out of this adjustment layer:


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