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Torn paper brush download link :-

Model image 1 download link :-

Model image 2 download link :-

Steps on how to create torn page effect in Photoshop :-

1. First step is to create a new document with the dimension as Width : 1280px , Height : 720px , Resoultion : 72px/inch.

2. Now bring the top image whose upper part will be torn over here and then scale the image properly , after that delete the background layer and create a new layer.

3. Now keep the foreground color as white and select brush tool and brush as any torn brush and now using the brush tool click on the parts of the image which you want to keep in the effect, then bring the model image layer above the torn image layer and then right click on the model image layer and select create clipping mask over there.

4. Then bring in the 2nd image over here and then drag this image’s layer at the bottom and then press CTRL + T and scale it properly.

5. After that make the first image layer active and then press CTRL and click on the icon of the torn page layer which will give you the selection of the torn paper and then click on Add layer mask icon which will create the mask of the paper on this layer.

6. Now make the image active and select the move tool and using move tool bring the image downwards , then make the torn paper image layer active and then press CTRL + T and then click on Warp mode icon and after that move the edges a little to make the torn effect look uneven.

7. Now click on Add layer style icon and select drop shadow over there and then set the angle : -90 deg , Distance : 5px , Size : 15px over there and then click ok.

8. Now press CTRL and select all the layers and then press CTRL + G, after that press CTRL + J to create a duplicate of the group and then press CTRL + E , after that go to filter and select filter gallery over there and then expand the Texture folder over there and select Grain over there and then set the Intensity : 5 , Distance : 45 , Grain type as Soft and then press Ok .

So this will give you your torn paper effect in Photoshop !

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