‪Yoga Pants, Photoshop & Vacations: Become An Instagram Star Using Celebrity Tricks (TryHards Pt 2)

Photoshop Tricks
Is the secret to becoming “Instagram famous” as simple as photoshopping your butt, and pretending to be rich? After securing an arsenal full of brightly colored yoga pants and learning Jen Selter’s classic Instagram poses in Episode 1, Try Hards Episode 2 examines the expensive lifestyle that appears to be crucial for becoming an Instagram influencer. Celebrity Photoshop fails provide a roadmap for what might be another important trick: make your butt look bigger than it is! Lindsay Lohan, the Kardashian sisters, Beyoncé Knowles – all these women share one thing: a history of Photoshop disasters. Learn the editing secrets to help you succeed where they (or their terrible editors) have failed!

Watch Part 1 of Try Hards: https://youtu.be/ZN0B9ZU-hfA


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