Easy selections with the Lasso in Photoshop: The Selection Trick!

Photoshop Tricks

If you want to know how I fill with the bucket tool in only part of the lasso’ed area, of if you want to know how I keep my brush strokes in the area I want without using the lasso… this is video for you!
People ask me this question ALL the time, so I wanted to make a video dedicated to answering it!

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My color picker: http://anastasiy.com/colorwheel?code=AJHGSXNX7

Line art by Emilio Laiso
Colored by K Michael Russell

For more info on my Photoshop coloring tutorials:

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions.

New to coloring and/or my videos? Start here! It’s “The Basics!” https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJyhITEA-P5h6CjEfJqiD1_MsgKOYLmMO

What software are you using?
Photoshop CS6, but it doesn’t matter what version you use.

What recording software do you use?
Camtasia Recorder 8

What digital tablet do you use?
For most videos, a twelve-year old Wacom Intuos2. When I want to color away from my desk, a Wacom Cintiq Companion.

Do you take coloring requests?
I do not, but if there’s a coloring concept I haven’t made a video about, let me know. I’ll definitely take that into consideration for a future video.

My tablet or software is not working properly, can you help me?
It is best to contact customer support for either the tablet or software.

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