5 Quick Photoshop Tips to help you Master the Brush Tool!

Tips and Advice
In this video I share some quick photoshop brush tool tips to help you work more efficiently! 5 if i’m counting, maybe 10 if you get specific!

1. Shortcuts!
You can simply Press (b) to select the brush tool quickly, and use the letters (d) to default your colors to black and white and (x) to switch between foreground and background colors!

2. Brush Cursors
Caps lock will switch the cursor into a crosshair mode, but you can go into the photoshop Preferences menu to adjust the cursor to your liking such as cross hair of circle or both!

3. Quickly adjust size and hardness!
Use the bracket keys on your keyboard to adjust the size up or down on your keyboard, or hold shift and use the bracket keys to adjust the hardness of the brush

4. Brush Window
Adjust every aspect of your brush stroke in the Window-Brushes panel such as spacing and angle!

5. Airbrush
You can check this feature to create a continues flow of brushing like an airbrush in the brush toolbar menu.

There is so many more details to get into but hopefully these quick tips will allow you to begin mastering the brush tool!


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