8 Useful Photoshop Tips, Tricks, and Shortcuts!

Photoshop Tricks
In this Photoshop Tutorial, I go over 8 of my favorite shortcuts, tips, and tricks in Photoshop Cs5!

1. Ruler Tool: Use Command + R to show or hide the ruler tool
2. Guides help you snap to the center of image and can be dragged from the ruler tool.
3.You can hide or show these extra lines with command + H
4. Pressing F on the keyboard cycles through viewing modes and full screen preview!
5. Zoom with your scroll wheel by holding scroll!
6. Command + 0 fits to screen, Command + 1 returns to 100 percent scale.
7. Isolate visibility of one layer with shortcuts!
8. Image apply image on a new layer to get a flat copy of your project onto one layer.

I am using a Mac but to All PC users, Command (mac) = Control key (pc), and Option/alt key (mac) = Alt key (pc)


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